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Our product

Our goal is to sell a sustainable and healthy alternative to traditional coffee. This coffee is called lupine coffee and it presents various advantages compared to your regular coffee. Our carbon transport emissions are drastically reduced as our supplier is from Germany. Additionally, our lupine coffee is caffeine-free and therefore being much healthier both physically and mentally. These are only a few of the benefits of ecoffee, you can find out even more on our 'why ecoffee' document linked down below !

You can order right now via e-mail, social media, or via our forms !

About us

We are ecoffee !

Beyond ecoffee, a group of six boys from "Lycée Aline Mayrisch Luxembourg", is on a mission to revolutionise Luxembourg with a unique type of beverage ... the lupine coffee !  

Together we participate in the Mini-Entreprise programme, organized by JEL. During a school year, pupils are responsible for a Mini-enterprise in which they are required to take decisions and assume responsibility.

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Get in Touch

38 Bd Pierre Dupong L-1430 Hollerich, Luxembourg

+352 691 171 150

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why ecoffee ?
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